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Essential methodology for understanding the Quran

Translation of an untranslatable book

Basic guidelines on how to study the Quran

When a reading of the Quran can misguide

Why traditional tafsirs are unreliable

Unfolding of divine messages is like biological evolution

Understanding the vague messages

Importance of holistic reading

A reading of the Quran can misguide when …



The Quran prohibited hadiths

Hadith prohibited Hadith

The first four Caliphs prohibited hadiths

Earlier Muslims prohibited hadiths

The Quran disapproves all hadiths other than the Quran

The Quran relates Hadith to shirk

The Quran describes Hadith as satanic revelation

The Quran exposes hadith, sunna, ijma, sharia and salaf

Why the Prophet prohibited Hadith


Scientific understanding

Relationship between the Quran and science

Reading the verses on natural phenomena: A multi-layered approach

An answer to Richard Carrier’s “Cosmology and the Koran”

What a doctor can learn from the Quran



Sensory perceptions in the Quran

Hearing, sights and senses as flying birds

Meaning of ‘BIRD’ in the Quran

Where is our ‘Bird of destiny’?

Importance of scientific observation

Can scientific observation be one of the ‘pillars’ of Islam?

The Quran calls us to travel

Divine gifts of transport

Divine messages in physical sciences

Divine messages in life sciences

Divine messages in human sciences

Divine messages in our own self



The Quran calls for inductive reasoning

The Quran calls for critical thinking and reasoning


The Oneness and the Transcendent

Abraham’s observation of the Universe

Why awareness of Oneness and Transcendent is so important

How rejection of Oneness and Transcendent leads to fire

The famous light verse

Arguments for the existence of God

Will God send disbelievers to eternal hell?

Every kindling of fire is a reminder!



The first commandment of Islam has no name in it except God’s

‘La ilaha illa Allah’ is the only shahada found in the Quran

The Quran doesn’t authorize any added name in shahada

In all worship we should remember only the ever-living One who never dies

We are not allowed to make distinction between the messengers

God is enough as witness that Muhammad was God’s messenger

The Quran relates the testimony ‘Muhammadur rasulullah’ to hypocrisy

The Quran links the added shahada to rejection

Pairing God with Muhammad violates holistic logic

The Quran condemns those who mention ‘others’ with God

Extended shahada is not a requirement to be or become a Muslim

Islam is not about any particular messenger

The Quran presaged the extended shahada as deviation

Extended shahada creates false religions by inventing secondary authorities

Sectarian shahada is based on baseless hadiths

‘Shahada hadiths’ are contradictory and confused

Sectarian shahada was a later invention

Earliest ‘dated Muslim texts’ constantly remember God but never Muhammad

The dual shahada evolved in line with an increasing idolization of Muhammad


True Islam

Book review: Abdur Rab’s “Rediscovering Genuine Islam: The Case for a Quran-Only Understanding”

Islam in the Bible



The Muhammad of the Quran

True Muhammad versus false Muhammad (part-1)

True Muhammad versus false Muhammad (part-2)

Can Muhammad of hadiths be a prophet of God?

Miraj from the Book of Viraz?

Was Muhammad an epileptic?

Muhammad cartoons controversy: what does the Quran say?


Islam vs Muhammadanism

How all the corruption in Islam started

Who can intercede on the Day of Judgment?

Understanding chapter 6 from Abraham’s perspective

Darood (salawat): Its origin and danger

Distortion of shahada evidenced by archaeology

Should we add sanctifying titles and phrases to the names of the messengers?

Distortion of shahada through the political slogan of the Umayyads

What does the Quran really say about intercession?

Lailatul Qadr: Night of Meditation

Pollutants and evils intruded into Islam through traditions



The Quran promotes religious pluralism

One LIGHT (‘the Truth’) is split into many COLOURS (‘a truth’s’)

Meaning of ‘colours’ in the Quran

We are called to observe the colours

The Quran accepts shirk as a necessary evil

Similarity between Hindu, Christian and Muslim prayers

Black and White in the Quran

One ‘green’ with many products

Various colours in the Quran

The famous Light Verse

Why light is one and darknesses are many


Islamic and un-Islamic practices

Is adoption prohibited in Islam?

Should we recommend circumcision?

Circumcision: an overview

The Quran promotes art and aesthetics

Pursue pleasure and happiness and mind the balance

Abortion from a Quranic perspective

Should halal slaughter be banned?


Same sex relationship

The story of Lot condemns xenophobic hate, not homosexual love

The significance of ‘Nay, but’ in the story of Lot

Does the Quran condemn homosexuality?

Lot’s people assaulted ‘men from other nations’

The Quran doesn’t penalise homosexuality



Laws of historical dialectics in the Quran

Dialectics in society



Is there a cosmic blueprint?

Meaning of ‘seven Heavens’

Strict balance in the expanding Universe

An answer to Richard Carrier’s “Cosmology and the Koran”

Death and rebirth of stars: a reminder

Meaning of ‘seven Earths’


Big Bang

Quranic references to Big Bang


Solar system

Meaning of ‘seven Heavens’

What is ‘the lowest Heaven’?

Heliocentric concepts in the Quran



Earth’s axial rotation

Earth’s orbital revolution

Earth is a spinning ball

Earth as a spaceship

Two Easts and two Wests

Does the Quran really say that the Sun sinks in a murky lake?

Meaning of ‘seven Earths’



Man has evolved through stages

Evolutionary sequence in the Quran

Rumi and the Quranic concept of evolution

What is the original material that man has evolved from?

The story of Adam confirms evolutionary origin of humans



Every kindling of fire is a reminder!

One ‘green’ with many products



Understanding the allegory of Adam

The meaning of the story of Adam

Creation of Adam is a constantly recurring event

How would the ‘Forces’ know about future violences?

Where is the garden of Adam?

Is Adam a prophet?

How fall of Adam can be reversed

Adam is not a name of a person

Why Adam’s mate in the Quran has no name

The story of Adam confirms evolutionary origin of humans

Meaning of ‘children of Adam’


Man’s place in the Universe

Mind and the Universe

What is harder to create: Man or Universe?


Understanding some of the Quranic allegories

Why the flood story of Noah is similar to the Hindu flood legend of Manu

Does the Quran really support the Virgin Birth of Jesus?

What was the actual age of Noah

Understanding the Flood Parable of Noah

The spirit-bearing man who gave Mary a pure son was a real, mortal man

The Parable of the Town in Ruins

A lesson from the story of Aaron

Abraham’s four birds